Saturday, 19 July 2014

Ardrossan Rocks

A magazine feature from a few years ago, was the inspiration for the road trip to Ardrossan.  We were in search of a rock garden.

Ardrossan wasn't far away, but with properties not on the grid system and seeming not addressed, we relied on the owners' directions: Turn at the white fence... the road will curve right... Until our caravan was properly lost.  But could it be that house peeking through those trees?

Yes!  Who could have guessed just passed those trees would be a garden oasis with waterfalls, whimsical and great sculptures, and most of all, incredible rocks!

It was hard to capture the scale of this private garden -- and at every turn there was something delightful. (See more photos here.)

The owners' gave us a tour and welcomed our questions, even revealing the sources for many of their rocks and sculptures. But before the Club could plan a trip to local rock quarries (or down south to Arizona and Mexico), we were told it would be harder now to attempt to recreate the same.  Quarries have closed, others have changed their pricing, and petrified wood is just no longer available (by government regulation).

Now most of us wouldn't have the space or grand vision to create the same, but I think we all left this garden thinking how we'd want to add some rock stars to ours.

The field trip continued with lunch at Katie's Crossing.  The old rail train turned restaurant featured a small menu of burgers, fish and chips, and baked beans.  Some of our members, though, decided to start with dessert (ice cream) first.

We then made a short stop at UnBoutiqued.  The clothing store definitely had some interesting items, but outside there was a flower bed that needed weeding...

Find Johanne's write-up "A Rock Garden that will Amaze You" here.

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