Monday, 4 May 2015

Highlights: Think "Bee Friendly"

The Highlands Garden Club is again in the Highlights Community Magazine.  The May-2015 edition hit post boxes this past weekend, including with it the Club's message to ask before buying plants (Are they bee friendly?), along with educating readers about neonicotinnoids (neonics) pesticides. 

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Think "Bee Friendly"

Debbie Petit, Highlands Garden Club

The Highlands Garden Club was formed in 1989.  Some members have had a garden for many years and some are new at it.  We have all have a love for perennials.  These are the purest and most trustworthy plant.  We know there is nothing in these plants to harm our bees, but the same can't be said for annuals. 

The club's theme this year is "Bee Friendly."  We have been gathering information on neonicotinoids (neonics), a bee-killing insecticides that has been linked to the global decline of bee populations.  Neonics are grown in the plant from seed, and cannot be washed off.  Neonics cause bees to become confused and unable to communicate; they die an awful death.

Now that it's May, please pay attention to what you feed the bees.  There is nasty stuff in those pretty annuals you buy at the big box stores.  Ask questions.  If staff do no know if a plant is bee friendly, go to your local greenhouse.  It makes sense to buy from a greenhouse, rather than somewhere you can buy lumber, tires, or clothing.  

The Highlands Garden Club met with Rob Sproule from Salisbury Greenhouse, he says if you must use a pesticide do not spray when trees and shrubs are in bloom.  If some bugs become too much a pest, be patient.  Predators will come.  Also, while many see dandelions as a nuisance, they are very important as they are the first flower of the season for bees to feast upon. 

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