Thursday, 14 May 2015

Protect the Pollinators Tour - Notes and Petitions

Back on 24-March, member Audrey braved the snow to attend the Protect the Pollinators talk hosted by the Sierra Club Canada Foundation at Kings College.
There she found from Pesticide-Free Edmonton that Edmonton is still using Dursban 2.5 G -- a neuro-toxin pesticide which Winnipeg has banned -- for killing mosquitoes.

The Edmonton Journal has reported on this outlining concerns in this April-2015 article

Click here to sign the online petition to the City of Edmonton to Discontinue the use of Dursban and all other forms of chlorpyrifos for killing mosquitoes.

The talk also featured John Bennett (National Program Director of the Sierra Club Canada Foundation), and Paul McKay (author of The Kepler Code), speaking on the threat of neonics and the importance of healthy pollinator populations.

Click here to download the handout "Five Reasons We Support Restrictions on Neonics".

Click here to send a message to the federal and provincial governments to ban the use of neonics (via the David Suzuki Foundation).

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