Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Ban Neonics: A Provincial and Federal Matter

Neonicotinoids (neonics), a bee-killing insecticide that has been linked to the global decline of bee populations, is not regulated in Canada.

Is change at hand?  The Government of Ontario's proposed to drastically reduce neonics use by 2017, but also faces large amounts of lobbying from industry.
The David Suzuki Foundation has started an online petition to encourage the Government of Ontario to move on with the proposal -- restrict (a first step to eventual bans of) neonics use. 

Sign the petition / send an email before 25-Jan-2015 and Bee Counted! 

The application and use of pesticides is a provincially legislated matter - but before pesticides can be used, they must be registered and approved at the federal level through the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (of Health Canada).
The David Suzuki Foundation's email petition to ban neonics use in Canada directs the message to the federal Minister of Health and related provincial MLAs (e.g. Minister of Environment).  Sign today to help save the bees! 

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