Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Seeds, Stories, and Signs of Spring - March's Meeting

"I saw a bee!"  

With business out of the way, club members were happily chatting about just everything and Erica's first bee sighting of the year was exciting. But we knew the other signs of spring with the warm weather were going to be trouble - sprouting bulbs and budding shrubs would get damaged when the snow came back!  Someone suggested moving whatever snow was left to cover them up and maybe trick them into staying dormant a little longer.

Seeds were also on the mind:

  • Margaret told us about Seedy Saturday in Stony Plain on March 14th
  • Lori was experimenting with milkweed seeds and mentioned she read they needed cold stratification.  Margaret suggested planting them in a pot outside and letting nature do it.    
  • Erica had brought in some organic seed catalogues, including High Mowing which has organic seeds for edibles and flowers.  The consensus, however, was to wait until after Edmonton Seedy Sunday on the March 22nd to order.  

With a small prompt of "funny gardening stories" - a good portion of the night was spent laughing.  Stay tuned!  More will be put down in words and posted!

Lori: I got [compost] worms for Valentine's.
Janice: Nothing says love like worms. 
Margaret: They're red!  That's romantic.   

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