Friday, 1 May 2015

Easter Lily Rescue

Potted Easter Lilies have wilted and faded, and may have ended (pot and all) next to the garbage bin. It's a sad sight -- but you can come to its rescue!  

Photo by Wadester16
Easter Lilies are but Lilium longiflorum (a summer blooming lily originating from Japan) forced to flower in spring for Easter festivities.  The plant is sometimes ranked as only USDA zone 7*, but club member Deb confirmed last meeting they've been growing strong in her garden.  No need to dig out the bulbs to overwinter indoors: she mulches them heavily, has them in a sunny spot, and they return year after year!

So, what do you have to lose**?  The next time you have an Easter Lily past its prime or see one waiting for the binman: Rescue it! 

Here are some online resources to help you do just that:
Do you have Easter Lilies in your garden? 

* But also listed as zone 4 on
** Caution: Easter Lilies are poisonous to cats

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