Saturday, 16 May 2015

Weeds and Wine - May's Meeting

"Patches is going to think she's gone to heaven!"

Club members set to work on the community garden at this month's meeting and produced garbage bags full of dandelions: Patches (Marie's bunny rabbit), enjoy!  There are more where those came from!  

It was a mild night, perfect for spending outside.

We delighted in the ladybugs.  We weeded and discussed the potentials for making dandelion wine and urban honey mead...  

After a little over an hour, the garden was looking much improved and we went into the community centre to have our meeting.

One small point of scare: What of the wine?! 

No problem: There was no formal supply run, but members had individually brought snacks.  We had a feast of cheese, crackers, and three bottles of Shiraz!

One hour wasn't enough to consider all club business, what club members have been up to, and to talk gardening... so we stayed for another half.

We have some exciting things coming down the line and information to share.  Stay tuned! 

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