Monday, 18 May 2015

YEG Urban Beekeeping - Guidelines are here

Ready to keep bees?

Last month the City of Edmonton amended bylaws to allow for urban beekeeping.  The how-to on becoming an urban beekeeper have also been updated!  Below is an excerpt from The City of Edmonton's Urban Beekeeping page:

Steps to becoming an urban beekeeper

Step 1: Review the City's Beekeeping Guidelines
It is important to understand the commitment and responsibilities required to become a successful and safe beekeeper. The Urban Beekeeping Guidelines help residents understand the expectations that the City has for beekeepers. Interested beekeepers will also benefit from connecting with the beekeeping community and talking to existing beekeepers to learn more about what it takes to keep bees in the city.

Step 2: Register with Alberta's Premises Identification Program (PID)
As part of the Animal Health Act, owners of bees must have a premises identification account and premises identification number for the bees. This requirement is a part of a traceability system designed to address potential threats of disease outbreaks that could affect animal health, public health and food safety.

Step 3: Register with the Provincial Apiculturist
As a part of the Bee Act and Regulation, beekeepers must register with the Provincial Apiculturist every year by June 30.

Step 4: Apply for a beekeeping license
Using the online request form, apply for a license with the City. Be prepared to provide information about your beekeeping site, your training and your mentor if you are a first time beekeeper.
Turns out, our friendly neighbourhood permaculturalist and beekeeper, Dustin Bajer, also hand makes hives. Full details at in this Metro article.

With all the bylaw information now released: Are you considering keeping urban bees?  

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