Thursday, 4 June 2015

My Stupidest Gardening Mistake - or- We Were Once All Newbies

If you're ever feeling down in the dumps about a stupid garden mistake - search no further than Gardenweb forum for "My Stupidest Gardening Mistakes..." to help you laugh through the pain. Get doses of gardening tips and advice with every spoonful of schadenfreude! 

Below are some short ones from the discussion. 

May you soon be laughing at your own mistakes and sharing them with us here! 

* Posted by: Pickwick z5 (My Page) on Thu, Mar 13, 03 at 18:14 The grounds superintendent of a large estate where I worked in the days of my youth, assigned me to plant grass seed in a freshly prepared area. He conveyed to me where I might locate this seed. Evidently, I seemed to have grabbed the wrong bag. It was thistle birdseed...........

* Posted by: MaryMarg Zone9/San Jose (My Page) on Thu, Feb 27, 03 at 15:27 We moved into our first home four years ago, and had a gorgeous bougainvillia draping over the tops of the french doors to our bedroom. New to gardening, my husband and I couldn't figure why it "died" several months after moving in. My husband, escaping with multiple minor cuts and several colorful expletives, managed to remove it. We found out several weeks later (after it had been taken away by the garbage man) that the beautiful climber was merely dormant. Such remorse!
* Posted by: PattiA6290 7b ) on Sat, Feb 9, 02 at 8:17A friend of mine had her son-in-law plant several hundred tulips for her one year. That next spring none of them came up. Miffed she was gonna return them to the nursery where she buys all of her plants. After she started digging them up she notice he had planted them all up side down.

* Posted by: Marisha 6OH on Sun, Feb 17, 02 at 20:47
One year my husband brought home a truckload of grass clippings from work, in big plastic bags. Oh, thrill! We could use them for mulch in the vegetable garden......little did we know how many dandelion seeds were hidden in all those grass clippings...until the next spring when they all bloomed!

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