Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Books, Bulbs, and Plans -- February's Meeting

The wind was cold, but it was warm at the Highlands Community Hall!

The second Club meeting of the year had members planning events and sharing seed catalogues, library books on bees, and chocolate covered acai berries.

Business done, we talked gardening.  

Gisele was the lucky recipient of some tulip bulbs over Christmas, but what to do with them with the ground frozen solid?

We brainstormed some ideas including:
1. Force them to bloom inside (Yay, a bit of early spring indoors!)
2. Plant them in planters and store in the garage - prevents the bulbs from drying out and once spring comes, the whole planter can be brought out for display.

Margaret had brought the extras from the Club's fairy garden project and a number of "Growing and Using..." booklets (A Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin) from Audrey.

If you're looking for something to do with chives (you probably have no trouble growing them), sage, tarragon or thyme, or how to make paper from scented geraniums - these are just thing for you!

Deb found there are two Seedy Sunday events in the area this year and shared their speaker schedules (click to enlarge schedule photo):

  • 22-Mar-2015: Edmonton Seedy Sunday 2015 (Alberta Avenue Community Hall)

  • 29-Mar-2015: Seedy Sunday in the Park (Salisbury Greenhouse, Sherwood Park)  
There are bee-friendly speakers at both: We just might have to go out together. 

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